My earliest inspiration to rap was and still is my older cousin “Trigg Uptown” he first introduced me to the battle rap competitive NY music culture I fell in love with. Trigg gave me the confidence to battle every artist I could but sit downs with Dame Dash in high school gave me the push I felt that separated me from other artists.

         Working with Dame’s nephew “Dash”, and being able to play music for Damon dash and get positive feedback I would say was the start of it all. As far as life experiences I’ve been thru just about everything. Not gonna indict myself but I feel I’ve seen everything from robberies, dead bodies, gangs, and hustling/scamming to country clubs, foreign cars, yachts, and high rise apartments.

         The back & forth from the Bronx to White Plains to studios in Long Island constantly gave me my own perception of life. Two of my best friend died in my life, one to drug overdose, the other murdered by gun violence. This is my story...